I approach sermon preparation, writing, and delivery from an artistic angle.  As a result they are creative, engaging, and relevant messages that offer practical application and challenge growth through accurate handling of God’s Word.  I enjoy using interactive learning, humor, and fun to teach, motivate, and challenge. My sermons are found at:

A Sunday Sermon “win” is based on the following goals:

  1. Theologically sound, imaginatively creative

    • God’s Word handled and presented correctly in a fresh way

  2. Clear thesis / proposition statement

    • The main point is:

        • Very specific and focused

        • Memorable – using some sort of a “hook”

  3. Motivational

    • The message motivates

        • Engaging the listeners by answering the question “why”

        • Causes visible emotion and feeling

    • Inspires continued personal study

    • Moves for change or improvement

  4. Applicable

    • The listeners will clearly know how to apply this in their life

        • This is a “call to action”

        • Gives something that can be done

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